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Running Monolix using a command line

Yes, it is possible to run Monolix using a simple command line:

monolixSuiteInstallationFolder/bin/ --no-gui  -p fullPathProjectName

(replace .sh into .bat for windows operating system)

Notice that the project name should be defined using a full path and not a relative path. The program options are

  • --no-gui: without opening a window, mandatory in no-desktop environments.
  • -p: project to run. It should be the full path name of the project
  • --thread: number of threads allowed for this run
  • --mode: Select the verbosity of the run information that will be log in console. It can be “none”, “basic” (default value), or “complete”.


Note: if the plots task is selected in the scenario, and if “Export charts data” is selected in Monolix’s preferences,┬áthe charts data are saved in the result folder. Generating the interactive plots requires to open the project in the GUI.