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BLQ predictive check


This plot displays the proportion of censored data w.r.t. time. It is possible to choose the censoring interval. This plot is only available for projects with censored data.

Example of graphic

The figure presents the simulated and empirical BLQ frequencies w.r.t.time (example taken from the censored1_project of the demos)


  • General: Add/remove legend or grid
  • Display
    • BLQ cumulated freq.

      • Empirical: Add/remove empirical percentiles for the 10% and 90% quantiles.
      • Theoretical : Add/remove median frequency of BLQ observations calculated by simulation
      • Prediction interval: Add/remove prediction intervals given by the model for the 10% and 90% quantiles (in blue) and its level
      • Outliers (area): Add/remove red areas indicating empirical percentiles that are outside prediction intervals
    • Calculations

      • Censored interval: min and max for censored data. By default, the limit and the censored values are used. However, one can look at smaller censored interval for example.
      • The number of point for the discretization

By default, the censored area corresponds to the data set description and the BLQ frequency observation, the prediction interval, the outliers and the legend are displayed.