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Export a Monolix project to PKanalix and Simulx

MonolixSuite applications are interconnected and projects can be exported/imported between different applications. This interconnection is guaranteed by using the same model syntax (mlxtran language) and the same dataset format. You can export a Monolix project to PKanalix or Simulx in one click directly from the interface.

To export a project click EXPORT PROJECT TO in the top menu “Export”:

The export pop-up window will appear where you can choose:

  • to which application you want to export your current project: PKanalix or Simulx
  • which dataset you want to use in the export: original dataset, vpc dataset (if VPC plot has been generated), individual fits dataset (if individual fits plot has been generated)

By default, Monolix will copy all files, e.g. dataset and model, next to the new PKanalix/Simulx project. To keep current location of these files, switch the toggle “Generated files next to project” off.

To export a Monolix project click the “EXPORT” button at the bottom. PKanalix/Simulx will open automatically with a predefined project called “untitled”. You can save this project, edit and run. For more information about exported elements, see: